Wells Fargo receives Final Refusal to Trademark Application for “TREASURY ONLINE PLUS”


Wells Fargo received the USPTO’s final answer on registering the mark “TREASURY ONLINE PLUS”.
The mark has been refused on grounds of indefinite wordings stated for the description of goods and services used for the mark. Apart from this the Examining Attorney also found that an addition of a class of goods and services may also be required by the applicant in this case Wells Fargo.

The description filed by Wells Fargo for the application “TREASURY ONLINE PLUS” states “banking services; financial services, namely, cash management services, treasury management services, issuing letters of credit; accounts payable debiting services; foreign exchange services, namely, foreign exchange transactions, foreign exchange information services and providing for the exchange of foreign currency; online business banking services; electronic funds transfer services; bill payment services; electronic payment, namely, electronic processing and transmission of ACH, electronic check, electronic payment, invoice, bill, tax, and distribution payment data; tax payment processing services; check and ACH fraud mitigation services”.

As the partial description of “check and ACH fraud mitigation services, namely, ACH and check fraud transaction review and disposition services” was found to be unclear with regard to purpose, the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s examiner suggested an adoption of Class 45 as that would be more in line with financial transactions as Wells Fargo proposes.

Wells Fargo attorney of record, Felicia J Boyd, has amended the application accordingly, in line with the examiner’s review and I believe that this space awaits another post regarding the notice of allowance of such mark from the USPTO.

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