The Trademark Timeline

Trademark Timeline: Didn’t I file a trademark about six months ago?  Did that trademark become registered? Why haven’t I heard from my lawyer?

Well, there’s good news. If you haven’t been informed otherwise by your lawyer within a years time frame this is completely normal as the trademark registration process on average will take roughly one year –depending on if you receive any objections or requests by the government. This is also why it’s very important to respond to any notifications you receive.  Further, if requested information is not supplied in a timely manner, it’s highly likely that the trademark will go abandoned.

To better outline the process, your trademark will go through on its path to registration we have displayed the below trademark timelines.

For trademarks that were active at the time of the filing 1(a):




For trademarks that were not active at the time of the filing 1(b):







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