The Magical Effects of Branding


Make Them Fall In Love

Believe it or not, branding can be the love potion that causes your customers to become love struck. The more sincere, human connections you can make through branding efforts, the more you allow your customers to make this emotional connection.  For example – Chipotle’s video, “The Scarecrow,” helps to make Chipotle more than just a food chain but a company that empathizes with consumers about sustainability issues. This gives Chipotle a unique human touch and emotional appeal that customers can connect with.

Make Your Brand Magically Appear 

At the basketball games you see  swoosh, swoosh, swoosh – and we are not talking about the baskets the NBA players are making. This repeated white swoosh, pronounced on the endorsed players clothes, shoes, tanks and jackets, is due to talented branding efforts by Nike. What make’s this branding phenomenon so successful, is Nike’s gained brand recognition. If you don’t believe me, list a few sport brands you know and I can guarantee Nike’s “swoosh” magically appears in your mind.

Make Your Customers Pay More

From the warm lighting, comfy leather couches, to the music selection, many customers choose to stop here as a place between home and work. This is why Starbucks isn’t just a cup of coffee to their customers, but also an environment that offers a unique experience – a home away from home. This added value, created through creative branding that echoes through the store’s walls, drives consumers to pay more for their coffee than the average cup of joe.

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