PETA Claims That A Monkey Owns The Copyright For This Selfie


This animal rights organization isn’t monkeying around. PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has filed a federal lawsuit pushing for a monkey to receive the rights to this famous selfie pictured above.

David J. Slater, wildlife photographer and owner of the camera, is calling this a “stunt” by PETA. He says that he feels personally attacked by the organization. Here is a shortened version of his Facebook post with the main points highlighted. You can see the original version here.

I am obviously bemused at PETA’s stunt but also angry as well as sad. This makes animal welfare charities look bad which saddens me, deflecting away from the animals and onto stunts like this.

Had they contacted me I would support them in efforts to get animals recognized legally with an aim to promote animal dignity. Sadly they choose to attack me personally in this ridiculous way which puts me under more financial and emotional stress.

Why do PETA and Wikimedia target individuals when they want free rights to commercially exploitable images?

Posted by Wildlife Photographer David J Slater – DJS Photography on Tuesday, September 22, 2015


See the original story in depth here

What do you think? Should the monkey, photographer or no one hold the copyright to this famous monkey selfie?

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