Pepsi and Tata Tea plan health drinks


Tata Tea and PepsiCo took the first steps to form a joint venture by signing a preliminary agreement for a new non-carbonated beverage entity. The new company will be exclusive for the Indian market. Although, the development has raised questions about PepsiCo’s existing JV with Hindustan Unilever for marketing, selling and distributing Lipton ice tea.

HUL competes with the Tata Group firm in the packaged tea market. A joint statement issued by PepsiCo and Tata Tea said the proposed venture is not intended to conflict with any existing arrangements of the parties.

As recently as Wednesday, March 24, 2010, PepsiCo filed for trademark application bearing serial number 77966997 for YOUR DEW. YOUR DESTINY. by PEPSICO, INC. with the description Soft drinks.

Also notable is that Pepsi Beverages, a division of PepsiCo, and Tampico Beverages have announced an agreement to distribute Tampico Plus fruit-flavored beverage products via PepsiCo’s direct store delivery system in select US markets.

The new beverages may be called by the name of PURE VIA, as this name was recently applied for a trademark by PepsiCo on Wednesday, March 24 with the description of Fruit flavored drinks.

But these indicate strong reasons for all sides to see the beginnings of fruitful partnership.

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