To The Drawing Board: How To Get Your Patent Drawn

There are many ways to have your patent drawn. To figure out the best approach, gauge the complexity of your invention and decide whether you will you draw it yourself or seek the help of a computer program or professional?

Read about the most common ways inventors will get there patents drawn below:


Do It Yourself

If think your invention is simple enough to draw yourself, then go ahead and put your pencil to paper. You will be surprised that you do not have to be a Picasso to draw a patent drawing. In fact, many inventors will get away with drawing their own patent drawings.

The only catch is you have to be good at following directions because the USPTO has some very strict directions laid out for you. For example, each page must have margins of specific length on all sides. See the specific guidelines laid out for you by the USPTO here.


CAD (Computer Aided Design)

If you are worried about a shaky hand you can get the help of the computers software, CAD. This program will help you to draw perfect circles and straight lines and will help to spare your eraser.

Keep in mind that this program could make your life easier but for a cost of a few hundred dollars. Also be prepared to invest some time to learn how to use the program.


Professional Assistance

If you are a bit intimidated about the DIY approach to your patent drawings don’t worry there are plenty of professionals willing to draw it for you for a an associated fee. The average cost can be about $75 to $150 per page so this option may be considered costly (especially if you have many pages).

Despite the heftier cost, the benefit to having professional assistance is that you will have the piece of mind to know that your drawing was done to the book.


How will you have your patents drawn? Let us know how you approached the drawing board.

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