What is Intellectual Property Law?

What is intellectual property law

What is it? 

Intellectual property law or (IP law for short) is the act of attaining and maintaining your legal rights to your inventions, designs and or artistic works.


What kind of IP is there? 

Some types of intellectual property rights include a trademark, patent or copyright. A trademark protects your rights to your brand including a logo, company name, product name and/or slogan for example. A patent protects your legal rights to an invention or idea. A copyright protects your rights to artistic works including a painting or photograph.

File a trademark 

how to protect my intellectual property

Who needs it?

Many who seek assistance with intellectual property law happen to be small business owners and startups. Many small business owners or startups do so because they find extreme value in the benefits of maintaining their intellectual property rights. IP law protects them from competition in the market place. Furthermore, properly protected intellectual property can acquire monetary value over time. 


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IP Law firms

There are many intellectual property law firms. Look for one that can protect your rights in the areas you expect to do business. LegalForce RAPC is a great choice because not only do they protect your rights in the U.S. but also in many international countries.


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