How To Build An E-Commerce Startup

How to build an e-commerce startup

As many people now prefer to shop online – e-commerce is a great business to be in. So if your up for taking advantage of this opportunity, here are the steps you should take to launch your e-commerce startup!


Build a trusted brand

When someone decides to put in their credit card information on a website, they truly have to trust the website. This is why branding is important to an e-commerce site because a good, well-respected brand builds trust. To create a well-respected brand, spend time creating your brand story, logo and brand messaging.

File a trademark 


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Design a website

As much of your sales will occur here this task is very important. Some things to think about as you plan the layout of your site is to ensure your site is mobile friendly as mobile commerce  is booming. Above all, make sure that it is easy and simple for a customer to actually purchase your product(s). For example, is the “buy now” button easy to see?



Use a template or build a custom site

Once you have your website planned out, to finally build your site shop around because there are plethora of websites to help you build your e-commerce site including Shopify, WooCommerce and Bigcommerce. All of these options offer templates but it may be a good idea to hire a designer to design a custom design to create a site that is unique to your branding and custom to your store’s unique offerings.


Have a rockstar marketing plan

With an e-commerce startup, web traffic and sales are your number one goal. A great way to do accomplish these goals is to increase your search engine ranking and visibility.

To do this, first list some key words that you would like to show up for in search results. Then conduct search engine optimization by incorporating your key words into your web content. To quickly advance your content to the top, pay for ad words.

Although, the above is the recommended way to increase your e-commerce sales,  you should challenge yourself to think out of the box to maximize your potential. For example, will a viral video be suitable to spread the word about your product or maybe your e commerce store is worthy of media coverage? Either way, be sure to try multiple approaches to spread the word about your  e-commerce site.

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Try out a pop up shop

There is a unique experience a customer gets by visiting a store, it helps to builds trust in your brand because a customer can actually see and feel your product so do not overlook this option. At the very least, look into having a pop up shop, which is a shop you set up for a short period of time to offer consumer exposure and in order to build interest in your online store.


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