Apple abandons Trademark Registration of “SCANTEST”

Amidst Apple’s announcements of iPhone 4, Facetime and the new iOS trademark acquisitions, comes the news that Apple has let go the mark “SCANTEST” registered on 10/31/1989 and assigned the registration number 1563120.

apple-logo1The mark “SCANTEST” was filed with the description “COMPUTER PROGRAMS FOR USE IN THE FIELDS OF BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION AND SCIENCE. ” and was cancelled under the Section 8 provision of the Trademarks Act.

Section 8 as mentioned previously in the post on Apple’s abandonment of TOKENTALK; refers to the USPTO’s marker on what marks are still in use. Cancellation of the mark on this ground means applicants need to file the form that is relevant to Section 8 between the 5th & 6th year after registration; failure to do so results in cancellation.

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