Adobe Against Apple

Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe Systems, appeared on Fox Business to talk about how Flash will impact the smartphone market. The message was clear, Adobe will do everything it can to help Android, BlackBerry and Palm developers. Meanwhile, Adobe is reportedly threatening to sue Apple over its iPhone platform with the focus being on Adobe’s Flash product.

Apart from, the Flash being panned against Apple, Apple’s trademark application “Q” has also received a non final office action for what the trademark examining attorney believes is, an inaccurate description of the logo mark, as well as the lack of a foreign registration certificate and or a statement indicating whether applicant intends to rely upon the resulting foreign registration under Section 44(e) as an additional basis for registration.

Q - the Letter
Q – the Letter

Apple’s Q may have some issues with getting a registration certificate from Jamaica, since that is where the foreign application was filed. However apart from these minor remarks, there is nothing to hold “Q” back from its rightful registration.

Apart from “Q”, Adobe’s trademark application for CS LIVE was recently filed on April 6, 2010 with the description, computer services and bearing serial number 85007734.

Though what is more worthy to note is that Adobe may have given up on its plans to launch its ACROBAT MESSENGER, indicated by the abandonment of the mark due to cancellation under Section 8.

Coming back to the news flash happening; ever since, Apple announced Flash had effectively been banned from the popular iPhone smartphone, Adobe promised to sue Apple for what is expected to be a “restraint of trade” suit.

However what Adobe may fail to recognise on a consistent basis is that the lack of Flash on Apple hardware might hurt sales, but not in a meaningful way. This may be true though, Flash accounts for “70% of the casual gaming on the web.” because developers are cranking out software titles and consumers are buying them — there are more than 50,000 games in Apple’s iTunes App Store alone.

Although with all these weighty factors, Adobe may have a reason to smile with Google’s Google’s Android platform. It will be among the first mobile platforms to see Flash support and it’s the fastest growing segment in the smartphone market now.

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