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RENUKA RAJAN is a​ NY-licensed trademark attorney in the Nagpur office at LegalForce RAPC. She specializes in ​trademarks, copyrights and office action responses. ​Renuka received her ​B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) ​degree from ​National Law University​, Delhi​ and her ​LL.M. in IP from the George Washington University Law School (Washington, DC), where she ​was also a Thomas Buergenthal Scholar. When she is not busy advising her clients, she's usually found either in the gym or singing along to different songs on her guitar with the same six chords. She is an avid Harry Potter fan and is always up for a healthy argument.
Common Law Trademark

What are Common Law Trademark Rights?

  If I do not want to formally apply to have my brand name registered with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), can...
Design protection.

How Do I Protect my Design? (Part 2)

So what if I think I qualify for more than one protection? Can I have two (or more) intellectual property protections for the same...
protect my design

How Do I Protect my Design? (Part 1)

So I have a design I want to protect – say it is the design for a dress, the style of the dress, or...


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