Recap of the Community Legal Event at Tempe Marketplace

Last Thursday we’d mentioned that our own Ryan Bethell would be volunteering at the “Let Joe Know” community legal event at Tempe Marketplace. It was a great event, and I understand that ABC 15 is hoping to put together another event in the West Valley sometime in the future.

Here’s some video footage of the event that Joe Ducey posted on Facebook the night of the event. (Thank you to ABC 15 for sending us the footage to use on the blog.)

All told, the night was a success. Long lines, but that only speaks to the great need for more accessible legal services. LegalForce’s mission is to make quality legal services affordable to all.

Thank you, Ryan, for contributing your expertise on a pro bono basis! And thank you, Joe Ducey, for organizing the event! Looking forward to the next one!

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