Top 3 Branding Tips For Startups


branding tips for startups

Don’t ignore these very important branding tips as following them may save you a migraine (or two).

1.Identify who you are talking to

One rule many young startups forget is that you must know who your talking to in order to develop a brand into the amazing communication tool that it has the potential to be.

So how do you identify who your brand is talking to (a.k.a. your core audience or target audience)? 

To do so, figure out specific age group and gender you are targeting. Go as far as to identify their lifestyle and hobbies so you can really hone in on the design style and messaging that will hook your customer in.

You will be surprised to know that even the color of your logo can be leveraged to emphasize a connection with your intended audience.  Many brands targeting woman or girls have red or pink branding for example.

What color and style will your brand adopt in order to best connect and communicate with your intended target audience? 

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2.Value Your Employees

Email marketing, video marketing and social media marketing all are great avenues to push your brand but many startups forget about the resources literally standing right in front of them – that is their employees. The reason the people of your startup are so important is because they are the most human aspect of your brand.

To leverage your employees to build this human aspect of your brand, have them wear your brands colors and learn your companies mission so they become a personal extension of your brand. Your employees can represent your brand in store, on social media, or through support calls. Every touch point is an opportunity to emphasize your brand on a more personable level so take advantage of it.


3. Be you

It’s easy to want to copy other big businesses when you are starting off. Although, you want to look to these brands for guidance, you need to really set your own path when it comes to branding. After all, some forget that the main point of a brand is to help your startup stand out…right?

So after you looked to the big boys for guidance in how to create a great brand, it’s time to look inwards and find out what makes your company so unique. To do this,  find a unique selling proposition for your company and use this as a tool to help make your startup unique.

A great example is with the bottled water market. Water is so simple, it’s one formula – H20. So in a market like bottled water, how do you stand out? Well, first of all its important to explain to your customers why your bottled water is better than the next. Try to look deeper than the fact that your selling just water. Realize it’s not just water you are selling if you really think about it.  Explain where your company many have bottled the water, how your employees bottled it, or maybe create a unique product package. All of these are options to stand out as a brand and should be emphasized in all your branding and brand messages.

What makes your brand unique? 

No that you invested in building a powerful brand for your startup, be sure to protect your logo, trademark slogans and more  to ensure your startup keeps copycats away.




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