Coca Cola Continues To Fight To Trademark The Word “Zero”

Coca Cola files to trademark the word Zero

The scoreboard still reads zero for  Coca Cola as the beverage company pushes on in their fight to trademark the word “Zero” for their “Coca-Cola Zero” diet beverage.  Despite nearly 13 years of fighting for the trademark, Coke is not about to give up.

Cola-Cola argues that the word “zero” should belong to the company because of its “extensive advertising, promotion and sales” of Coca-Cola Zero says

The ad dollars were well spent as Coca-Cola Zero sales grew 6 percent. This is offsetting a 6 percent sales decline for Coke Light and Diet Coke, according to the company’s annual earnings report, noted Fortune magazine.

Although Coca Cola Zero has held its ground in the market, there are other diet drinks that already use the name including Arnold Palmer Zero, Monster Energy Zero Ultra, and Virgil’s Zero.

Coke wants exclusive rights to the word to enforce its place in the market as only “Zero” brand.

Should Coca-Cola win the challenge, they will have the right to sue Dr. Pepper and others who use “zero” in their branding reports the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Pepper counters that the word simply refers to the number of calories a product contains.





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