Google Earns Patent For Driverless Delivery Truck


Google package delivery patent

What’s interesting about Google’s  U.S. patent for a self-driving package delivery truck is that the truck not only does not need a driver to turn the steering wheel, but it does not need an attendant ring the doorbell either.  This might be a glimpse into the very-automated package delivery future.

Overview of the patent

In Google’s concept, the driverless truck would arrive at the specified address. The package recipient would then use a predetermined access code to unlock one or more of the many secured lockers on the truck containing the package. The recipient would open the sealed compartment using a predetermined credit card or a pin number.

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So how does a truck drive all by itself?

The driverless delivery truck would navigate itself with range-finding lasers, video cameras and even radar. And should traffic put the patented truck behind schedule, it would send a text telling the recipient it will be delayed – how courteous!

Who is taking the lead on the race to develop the best driverless delivery car?

Meanwhile, competition among delivery companies is heating up. Amazon, for example, is preparing drones to deliver small packages, and Uber is making inroads too. So as it’s hard to say who is ahead in the driverless delivery car arena as of now. Although, this recently filed patent by Google, is letting us know that Google remains a potentially strong competitor.

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