To Find The Perfect Manufacturer – Ask Yourself These Questions

How to find the perfect manufacturer

Do you have a great product but have no idea how to get it manufactured? That’s okay because we have put together a few questions to ask yourself to help you find the best manufacturer for the job. See them below:

Domestic or oversees?

Overseas isn’t always the answer just because it is often cheaper. There are other factors you should consider when deciding to manufacture overseas or domestic. For instance are you willing to take on the cultural or language barrier that can come with manufacturing in a foreign country? Or is your product too complex to risk any piece being lost in translation.

Here are some positives and negatives to both sides:



  • Easier communication
  • Typically higher quality
  • Higher labor standards
  • Potential appeal of being made in North America
  • Easier to verify the reputation of manufacturers
  • Faster shipping time
  • Higher intellectual property right protection
  • Greater payment security


  • Higher manufacturing costs
  • Less product choice



  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Many manufacturers to choose from


  • Communication barrier
  • Cultural differences
  • Potentially lower perceived quality from customers
  • Lower manufacturing and labor standards
  • Less intellectual property protection
  • Difficulty to verify manufacturers reputation
  • Longer shipping time
  • Product importation and customs clearance
  • Less payment security and recourse

What is your turn around time?

Decide on how quick of a turn around time you require as this will be an important deciding factor in choosing the right manufacturer for you. If you are a fashion business for example, chances are you are coming up with new trends and styles each season which means you may need small orders manufactured quickly. Or maybe you are you making large bulk orders where turn around time isn’t as vital. Either way, make sure you have decided on how quickly you need your product manufactured.


What is your order quantity?

Many manufactures will have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) so keep this in mind as you begin to place your first order.  This is an important piece of information to know too because if you ask for a price quote for an order quantity that is significantly lower than a manufacture’s MOQ than there is a chance you may not even hear a response because they won’t take you seriously.

Another thing to keep in mind as you determine the quantity of your order is that many manufacturers will offer discounted rates at larger quantities so be sure to ask for price ranges at several different quantities.

Hot Tip: Ask for a sample product as your manufacturer may give it to you for free or at a discount.


Where do I look?

Here is a list of online resources to help you find the right manufacturer. Look to these sites to start perusing the many possible options. Also begin to familiarize yourself with the many different types of things a manufacturer can offer you.


Domestic Resources

Overseas Resources


Do I need a professional Agent?

Although you have done your own necessary research, there is a lot of potential risk if your manufacturer happens to be a bust. So contemplate hiring a professional agent to help you make your final decision.


Have you found or will you begin to seek your manufacturer? Share your questions and tips with us!

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