Which Social Media Should I Use For My Business?

Social mediaWhen choosing a social media platform for your business you must look at many factors: who is your targeted audience, who is your competition, what does each platform have to offer and do you have a budget and time to utilize them to their fullest. Social media changes with trends so there is no end all site. In fact the best strategy would be to use all social media platforms together to ideally maximize your web presence and visibility. Social media sites only work best when your company also has a website in which they can be linked to in order for more potential customers to see your product. Assuming your business site is engaging and easy to use here are the main platforms to consider:

  • Facebook– is a social network that allows users to share pictures, links, videos and comments. It is the most complex, comprehensive, and “go-to” platform for social media at the moment and boasts the most users. Facebook can connect to all the other services making it a one-stop shop. This is considered a must have in social media.
  • Twitter– is another networking service that consists of micro blogs of 140 characters or less. It is a simpler version of Facebook’s wall feature but tracks #hashtags and links them to others twitters or videos. Twitter is considered the second most important social platform to have.
  • Google Plus– is up and coming in the social realm. Powered by Google, Plus is Facebook’s biggest competition and mimics there lay out allowing users the same amount of customization on their profile while adding privacy settings. Since Google is the gold standard in search engines, a Plus account will soon be a necessity for insuring high page rank.
  • LinkedIn– this platform is much more professional, eliminating visible post between users and focusing on the career aspect. This is perfect for professional use and is recommended for businesses that plan on hiring more staff.socialmediatrademarkia
  • Pinterest– is mainly a photo sharing website good for sharing large amounts of pictures in the form of “pins”. This platform should be used for businesses that have visual aspects like a design or a home renovation company.
  • Tumblr– focuses on micro blogging giving users the ability to share, like and follow others post while also giving the option for private blogs.

These are just the main platforms but there are many niche services that might fit your company better such as Houzz for home décor and design. If you have the time and means then all platforms should be established and updated daily to truly have a noticeable impact on your branding efforts.

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