Twitter Won’t Let You Fly Away With It’s Bird

To further protect their intellectual property, Twitter, Inc. has filed a trademark application for the “outline of a bird in flight” on September 21st, 2010.

The newest Twitter trademark was filed under Classes 09 Electrical and Scientific Apparatus Products, 035 Advertising and Business Services, 038 Communication Services, 042 Computer and Scientific Services and 045 Personal Services. For a full description of the goods & services outlined in each class, see “Classification Information” on the Trademarkia profile for this trademark application.

Twitter, Inc. has filed to protect their “bird in flight” logo.
Did you know that there are several United States Patent and Trademark Office design search codes just for birds? Design search codes are used to assist the trademark examiner in searching the U.S. federal trademark database for similar or identical marks. According to the USPTO, “DESIGN SEARCH CODES are numerical codes assigned to figurative, non-textual elements found in marks”. The design search codes assigned to this mark, are as follows:
03.15.19 – Birds or bats in flight or with outspread wings
03.15.25 – Cardinals
03.15.25 – Crows
03.15.25 – Doves
03.15.25 – Other birds
03.15.25 – Pigeons
03.15.25 – Ravens
03.15.25 – Robins
03.15.25 – Woodpeckers
There are over 13,000 records with a design search codes JUST FORbirds or bats in flight or with outspread wings

13,856 records!

Robin Wauters from TechCrunch says “What this means for third-party developers and other companies who use the Twitter bird in their own designs? Nothing, yet – Twitter has repeatedly said it files for trademarks under the guise of protection, not as a means to attack others under any circumstances”.

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