Apple: Ping = Facebook + Twitter for Music

No longer does Facebook dominate the social media scene, Apple’s Ping is already automatically available to 160 million Itunes Users. Apple stepped into the social media game before when they launched a music-centered social network at iTunes and unveiled a slick new iPod and Apple TV gadgets.  Apple’s chief executive, Steve Jobs describes the new service as “Facebook + Twitter for music”. The new Ping, a social network for music, is being credited with the impending doom of Myspace.


PING” is a trademark owned by Karsten Manufacturing Corporation in the “Personal, Legal & Social Services” with the description of “Online social networking services provided through a sports community website; Providing an interactive web site for persons to locate other individuals with similar interests to participate with them in, or accompany them to, events and activities”

Steve Jobs presenting the new Ping, a social network for music

On September 1st, PING and Karsten Manufacturing Corporation announced in a press release that they have “entered into an agreement with Apple under which Apple will use the PING trademark in connection with Apple’s innovative new social music discovery feature in iTunes.”

Apple Inc. also filed to protect their brand name on Tuesday August 31st, 2010 in the “Personal” services category with the description of “Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals, namely, online social networking and introduction services; online social networking services, namely, facilitating social interaction among individuals, social introductions, and for finding persons with particular hobbies, interests and backgrounds; providing a social networking website; security services for the protection of property, namely, monitoring of computerized data for security purposes”.

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