Google Redefines “Speed Reading”

indexOn August 18th, Google filed for a Trademark on the name “SPEEDBOOK.” This trademark covers a new book reading/recording software application Google has developed that  uses two cameras as well an an infrared light to detect and correct curves on the inner halves of pages in a book.  The Speedbook creates a 3D model of each page and then removes the inner warps to create  flat pages for Google books.   This will put Google far ahead in the digital library department, as dismantling books onto flat scanners is no longer a necessity.  Google’s patent for the technology indicates: “First, a book is placed on a flat surface, while above it, an infrared projector displays a special mazelike pattern onto the pages. Next, two infrared cameras photograph the infrared pattern from different perspectives. ‘The images can be stereoscopically combined, using known stereoscopic techniques, to obtain a three-dimensional mapping of the pattern,’ according to the patent. ‘The pattern falls on the surface of (the) book, causing the three-dimensional mapping of the pattern to correspond to the three-dimensional surface of the page of the book.'”

Additionally, photos of pages taken with conventional cameras can be de-warped, providing a better image when showing the real book in conjunction with search results based on the text.

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