Google gets game with LabPixies Trademark


Tired of seeing only a search box when you visit Google?  Well now you can have your very own game room right on your iGoogle page.  Personalization options have just expanded dramatically with Google’s acquisition of “LabPixies,” A Tel Aviv-based game and app development startup.  On August 5th, Google filed for a Trademark on the name LabPixies on the heels of acquiring the start up in April of 2010.  The Trademark application was filed under USPTO serial number 85101483.  The classification is Class 041, which covers Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.  This is the 7th Trademark filed by Google Inc. this year.

What this acquisition means for Google users is a homepage that can now be fully customized with a variety of high quality games such as the highly popular Flood-It game.   A significant step up from the flash based Pac Man Google widget of years ago.  In addition to the many LabPixies games, a new variety of apps are available, including a new social version of the widely used To Do List app.  Android and iPhone apps are featured as well, down-loadable from the LabPixies website.

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