Nokia Corporation is refused the mark VECTOR

Nokia Corp. received a First Office Action for the mark, VECTOR from the USPTO.


The Office Action was received for the mark, “VECTOR” under the serial number 85049683 was based on a section 2(d) Likelihood of Refusal, on the basis that the application, VECTOR, is similar to registrant’s marks, VECTOR, V VECTOR THE FREEDOM OF POWER, and VECTOR IMOBILE.  The marks all contain the common wording VECTOR, spelled identically, and sharing common sound, appearance, and impression.


Also, the description of the goods and services as in the application ‘as mobile telephones, various accessories and replacement parts for mobile telephones that are sold as a unit with the phones, and various component parts of mobile telephones in International Class 009.  Its list of accessories sold as a unit with the phones specifically includes power adapter cables, battery chargers, and car chargers for mobile telephones.’ was similar to existing goods of registered marks.

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