Xerox likes DocuMate and dislikes DocuImage

This is one scanner we are not going to be looking at any time soon.  The USPTO has just updated the status on the trademark registration for “DOCUIMAGE” and the results just in.

The mark has been cancelled due to Section 8, I have mentioned this before, but looks like most marks are up for being cancelled under this section this year going by Apple’s mark SCANTEST and the mark NIVEA LIP CARE being cancelled under the same section.


For those who just joined us, Section 8 is a marker for the USPTO to keep a check on what marks are still in use. Cancellation of the mark on this ground means applicants need to file the form that is relevant to Section 8 between the 5th & 6th year after registration; failure to do so results in cancellation.

In case you want to cross-check at the USPTO, the mark “DOCUIMAGE” filed for the description of goods and services that states”Document scanners, computer operating software for use with document scanners. ” was assigned the registration number 2290275.

However you may not be able to tell as the last document on the case file relates to the change in the correspondent address and the latest correspondent is Margaret W. Walker of XEROX CORPORATION.

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