Bristol-Meyers Squibb receives First Refusals for “Bristol-Myers Squibb Company” among others


Bristol-Meyers Squibb received Office Action Letters for the marks, “MY NULOJIX NETWORK” bearing trademark serial number of 77968613; “BELOW” assigned the trademark serial number of 78940914, “BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB” assigned the trademark serial number of 77950600.


For the mark, “MY NULOJIX NETWORK” bearing trademark serial number of 77968613, the United States Patent and Trademark Office rejected the mark’s registration because The identification of goods is indefinite and must be clarified.

One of the grounds of clarification sought by the USPTO also is, if the mark “NULOJIX” or “BELATACEPT” has any meaning or significance in the industry, which for the applicant is a hurdle easy to overcome as Bristol’s currently launching BELATACEPT as a drug to combat graft rejection and maintain kidney function following renal transplantation.


The mark, “BELOW” assigned the trademark serial number of 78940914, has received an Office Action refusing registration on the following grounds, as the mark differs in the drawing and the specimen enclosed as proof of use.
The specimen in the application displays the mark as “BE-LOW” whereas the drawing depicts the mark “BELOW”. Also Bristol as applicant must clarify on the point of material alteration of the mark.


In these past few weeks the pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Meyers Squibb has not only filed several trademark applications such as “D- LITE – DIRECT ACTING ANTIVIRALS LAMBDA INTERFERON TREATMENT EVALUATION” assigned the serial number 85049293, the company has also successfully passed the first tests for its new skin cancer drug that shows to improve survival rates of cancer patients.

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