Apple abandons Trademark filings of “VISUAL ALMANAC”, “MPW” and “TOKENTALK”


Apple Inc. as recent as Saturday May 29th cancelled four of its trademark applications pending with the United States Trademark Office citing Section 8.
The application of VISUAL ALMANAC filed with number 73755058 was cancelled on grounds of section 8 thus leaving it open to the majority of the public to use the mark for their goods or services.

Section 8 is USPTO’s marker on what marks are still in use. Cancellation of the mark on this ground means applicants need to file the form that is relevant to Section 8 between the 5th & 6th year after registration; failure to do so results in cancellation.

However the likelihood of the product and its mark existing in the general public’s viewing may be quite possible hence one requires a comprehensive web search to determine the same.

The other 3 applications of “MPW” bearing serial number 73736826, “TOKENTALK” filed with number 73745253 and “ETHERTALK” assigned  trademark serial number of 73746450 have all been cancelled on the same grounds by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple seems to have no use of these marks now, thus making it an onus on the public to do a comprehensived detailed search and legal analysis to determine if they wish to make one of the above their mark for varied goods or services.

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