Wrigley Co. abandons Trademark Application “5”

Wrigley Co has abandoned as many as 4 Trademark Applications on May 24th 2010. The applications are for the marks, “5″ bearing serial number 78947186 filed with description Confectionery, namely, chewing gum, bubble gum, candy and candy mints.

Another application is for the mark, “IT’S A PACK OF CONTRADICTIONS”trademark serial number of 77708274. The application was filed with the description Candy.


A third was abandoned, this was for the mark “GERM KILLAZ” bearing serial number 77708274 and filed with the description Entertainment in the nature of visual and audio performances, and musical, variety, news and comedy shows.



Finally the fourth application that was abandoned by Wrigley was for the mark “SANTA SORTMENT” filed with description again as above “CANDY”.

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