Zynga and Facebook sign Pact for 5 years

According to some news reports Zynga was earlier planning to pull out of Facebook and launch its own social gaming site.
This was reportedly when Facebook recently changed its terms it included a cut of 30 per cent cut of Zynga’s credits sold on its site, when it introduced Facebook Credits. Yet they have put their differences aside and signed a peace treaty, it emerged yesterday. This will allow them to “increase their shared commitment to social gaming on Facebook and expand the use of Facebook Credits in Zynga’s games”.
They released a joint statement announcing the decision to enter “a long-term relationship”, saying “the agreement provides a solid foundation for both companies to continue to work together”. Terms of the agreement were not revealed.


This comes at a time when Zynga Networks has filed a trademark application on May 12th which was assigned the serial number – 85037169.

This application was filed with description as noted here, “Computer game software; video game programs; and computer software platforms for social networking; interactive video game programs; downloadable electronic game programs and computer software platforms for social networking that may be accessed via the internet, computers and wireless devices; computer software to enable uploading, posting, showing, displaying, tagging, blogging, sharing or otherwise providing electronic media or information in the fields of virtual communities….”

Free-to-play online poker is one of the most popular pastimes on Facebook and while Zynga leads the pack it has been joined by a number of other operators in recent months.

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