Google in new controversy over Images


Just when Google seemed to heave a sigh of relief, along came another controversy, this time being taken to court by the American Society of Media Photographers and Artists Guild among others.

The issue centers on Google contracting with various libraries including those of the Universities of California, Wisconsin, Washington, Virginia, and Stanford and creating digital archives of those books. The main argument is against Google announcing its plans to post copies of books, periodicals, and the visual works contained on its website, without seeking necessary permissions or grant of rights from the exclusive rights holders of such visual works in such material.

So far there has been no new marks filed by Google although, pretty soon there may be one assignment as soon as Google takes over Admob. It has been trying to do so from some time, but the Federal Trade Commission was resisting the takeover in light of a potential monopoly.

All that may be set to change because Apple is starting to foray into the mobile advertising sector, with its iAd.
However no such trademark application seems to have been applied for by Apple as yet.

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