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What’s the difference between like and being a fan of something? Apparently there is more to it than just semantics. Facebook has introduced the word “Like” on Facebook Fan Pagesinstead of the button “Become a Fan”. You have to simply click on “Like” button to express your feeling for particular brand or organization. According to Facebook it has become easier for the people to linkup with the brand or organization they like.

After Platform reliability concerns of Facebook applications, Facebook has been hit by another privacy scandal after an apparent technical glitch led to the site disclosing the private email addresses of its users. No sooner had it happened than Facebook surreptitiously sorted whatever security problem it had without offering a public statement about the breach.

We wonder if they will discuss this as well during the next Developer Garage conference, for many social media applications may have to re-test their apps, in order to avoid such security concerns.

Although Facebook ex-employees do seem to be profiting from all of this. A handful of start-up companies founded by Facebook alumni are attracting attention and generating a good amount of buzz too.

A number of Facebook-related start-ups have already passed muster. Asana, whose founders include Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, raised $9 million in December from Benchmark Capital and Andreessen-Horowitz. Cloudera, which features former Facebook, Google, Yahoo Inc and Oracle Corp veterans on its management team, raised $11 million from Greylock Partners and Accel Partners in two separate rounds of funding last year.

We must say, Facebook has had quite a week just before Easter, we hope things get better for it once the Easter bunny makes a visit.

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