Tweet Tweet, SMS!

Since its creation in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has gained renown by the moniker “SMS of the Internet.”
The services of SMS provided by the podcasting company Odeo, initially, didn’t have a name.  So they did a bunch of name-storming, and came up with the word “twitch,” but “twitch” is not a good product name because it doesn’t bring up the right imagery. So when they looked in the dictionary for words around it,  they came across the word “twitter,” and it was just perfect. Twitter means “a short burst of inconsequential information” and that’s how the word “Twitter” originated.

Twitter Logo
Twitter Logo

Apart from President Obama using it effectively in his election campaigns or his health reform activities, The Distance College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, used Twitter with native Chinese students as a tool to train communicative and cultural competence. Students had to post a certain number of English tweets and react to the tweets of their fellow students. Also, during the 2008 Mumbai attacks eyewitnesses sent an estimated 80 tweets every 5 seconds. Twitter users on the ground helped compile a list of the dead and injured. CNN called this “the day that social media appeared to come of age” since many different groups made significant use of Twitter to gather news and coordinate responses.

‘Twitter 101’, a web-based tutorial aimed at business users has still not been applied for as a trademark by Twitter. Also, the TWITTER trademark can also be found filed in the category of Toys and Sporting Goods Products. Although the current status of this mark is cancelled under Section 8. The mark of TWITTER is also filed in the category of Metal Products, Paper Goods and Printed Material, House ware and Glass Products, Ropes, Cordage and Fiber Products, Clothing Products.

Orkut's Logo
Orkut’s Logo

Other social networks such as Facebook, Orkut are also great social media tools. The ORKUT mark is currently owned by Google, and was filed with the description;social networking website for friends bound by a common desire to meet other people, whether for dating or friendship.

Competition also exists in the form of Bebo and Myspace who have marks registered under them. Did you know that the mark for BEBO was filed for the description Consultation Services in the Field of Concrete Arches-Namely, Providing Technical Know-How in the Analysis, Design, and Construction Techniques of Reinforced Pre-Cast or Cast in Place Concrete Arches for Bridges, Buildings, and Other Structures under Class 37 and the current status is registered and renewed?

So is it more important to talk about your brand or to enhance its features? Did the chick come first or the egg? Only one answer; Man trademarked both.

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