iKey versus Me

The computer giant Apple Inc is all set to replace the traditional door key with a hi-tech alternative, named “iKey”. It’s an electronic key, enabling people to unlock their car, front door and gain access to their offices. iKey allows users to open or close the door from a distance without the need for carrying a key. The iKey uses a similar principal to the technology employed by card access entry systems; commonly used in many workplaces.

The iKey App
The iKey App

Apple filed the application with the US Patent Office. It states: “The device can communicate with an external device to open a lock. By way of example, the electronic device may be a model of an iPhone.” However the funny thing is that the trademark has already been applied for with the description, Metal locks; Metal locks for door; Keys made of metal; non-electric metal locks; Metal latch; Round handle made of metal; by Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Whether Apple is trying to exploit a technology known as Near Field Communication, which allows electronic devices to transmit information between each other when in proximity, only time can tell. Though, I do wonder what would happen should you misplace your iphone that turns into the ikey?Do we then replace the phones? the locks? What happens to our peace of mind is anyone’s guess, should our iphones be damaged and we get locked out of the house!

Recently, the CAPITALS trademark was found abandoned by Apple. The mark was filed in the category of Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products. The description provided to the USPTO for CAPITALS was Typeface fonts recorded on computer software.
So has Apple indeed decided to do away with this font on its phone? Already we have misstatements with sms lingo, imagine we forget our emphasis too as the font disappears.

What if you absent mindedly, unlocked your apartment while on the way upstairs all the while talking on your iKey sorry iPhone? Would it be easy to plead innocent in the insurance courts? Wouldn’t you love to type that frustration with the CAPITAL Font on your iPhone? Oh, wait its no more.

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