Health Care Reform Bill Makes History!

A race started 17 months ago and closely contested til yesterday. After decades of false starts, a year of sustained debate, the Health Care Reform Bill finally was put to the test and was adjudged a winner. At 11:48 PM ET: President Obama spoke, “…that tonight we proved we are still a people capable of doing big things.”

President Obama Jubilant

It was indeed a victory of common sense and a victory for the American people. A day that represented another stone laid in the journey of the American dream, the moment contained a sense of justice, relief and the prevailing of courageous convictions to lay the path ahead to protect the interests of America’s workers, and America’s families and America’s small businesses. In the words of President Barack Obama, “Tonight…we rose above the weight of our politics.”

To hear these words spoken by a man who had the courage to lead with his heart and soul, who had the belief to push when representatives of his party were in media terms “Fence-sitters”, to lead where no President had the strength to, hearing those words spoken, gave every American a thrill. The thrill to know that finally, the government of the people and by the people still works for the people. For every representative who had wished to sit on the fence, a group of nearly 220 Ayes against 211 nays was the answer they received for their doubt, their cynicism and their mistrust.

To know this and as we understand it more, we realise that we are interlinked more closely than before. Politics and trademarks are the world’s unsung allies for did you know that the term the media so coolly bandied about, is a trademark which is registered by the Natural Marketing Institute? Yes, the term “FENCE SITTERS” used to describe some Democrat representatives, is actually a trademark having US Federal registration number 3574848  with the description Consulting and researching in the field of consumers of general health and wellness products and services. I consider that to be ironic to say the least and I wonder if the newsmen have sought permission from Natural Marketing Institute to use the mark as freely as they did!


In the same vein, one must also know that the term “DEMOCRAT”was first filed for in the year 1938 assigned to the US federal registration number of 0364931, with the description SAFETY RAZORS AND SAFETY RAZOR BLADES. It has since expired in the year 2000. I might add here that Gillette owned this mark and it has another mark that has since expired named ” STATIC” that was used for AFTER SHAVE LOTION and was assigned the US federal registration number 0874848.

Although not all applications for the term “DEMOCRAT” are pro – democrat, check out the application with US serial number 77596127 and the mark is “DEMOCRAT ENDS IN RAT! YOUR FREEDOM YOUR MONEY”. Quite a statement, for the clothing product line and the description it was filed under was Hats; Jackets; Shirts; Sweat shirts. Perhaps a Republican statement of Haute-Couture? A non final office action was mailed on 1/25/2010 which states, ” Applicant must submit a new drawing with “TM” deleted because it is not part of the mark.” Along with the remarks that, “The mark description is incomplete because it does not reference all the literal or design elements in the mark and/or it does not reference all the colors in those elements.”

And if the Democrats are a trademark term, can the Republicans be far behind? The term ” Republican” was filed and assigned the US Federal serial number 75258406 for the description of cigars. However, the status on Trademarkia states that it is now abandoned. Anyone up for a Republican Cigar? Its official, you can use it on Capitol Hill too!

The Democrat
And the Republican
And the Republican

Now that the historic health care reforms bill has been passed by the Congress, insurers ranging from Humana Inc. to UnitedHealth Group Inc. to Aetna Inc. would need to brace for new requirements and Medicare cuts that could adversely affect them. Speaking of which Humana Inc. recently filed for a U.S. federal trademark registration number 77957780, mark named,” HUMANA LIFELONG WELL-BEING” with the description Newsletters in the field of health, healthcare, wellness, nutrition, and financial protection; Pamphlets in the field of health, healthcare, wellness, nutrition, and financial protection.

Also Aetna Inc has a number of marks to its name, which one can view at leisure on The latest news from the UnitedHealth Group stable is that they filed for, a U.S. federal trademark registration number 77958109 named,” DIABETES PREVENTION AND CONTROL ALLIANCE” with the description Health care cost management services for health care benefit plans and health care service plans of others; health care utilization management services; health care utilization, review and cost containment services.

As the bill brings far reaching changes to Medicare and Health care in the United States, it wouldn’t be wise to leave these terms open to speculation. Medicare as a name to be trademarked seems to be quite popular, having already been used for wide range of goods and services, like a sealer clip for stopping blood in a tube to newsletters relating to medicare, to the more recent Consultation services in the field of fraud and abuse of Medicare and Medicaid fiscal intermediaries, carriers, program safeguard contractors, Single State Agencies, and Medicaid Fraud Control Units (MFCU).

When Medicare is here, go on and view the search for Health Care, which has been filed for descriptions as diverse as Insurance Brokerage and Insurance Underwriting Services in the Field of Accident, Medical, Trip Cancellation and Lost Baggage for Travelers in Foreign Countries to; photographic services.

Moreover who can leave behind the mark A NEW DAY FOR HEALTH CARE bearing the trademark serial number of 77906682 filed with the description, Administration of pre-paid health care plans; health insurance underwriting; claims administration services in the field of health insurance. Status of this mark reads as the non final office action has been mailed on 2/26/2010.

After all the debate that took place in the Senate and Congress, did you ever wonder, can these two terms be also trademarks? I found out after a quick search on, the answer can be Why ever not? The term CONGRESS has been used for something as trivial as playing cards to Brokering of Real Estate Title Insurance, Conducting Real Estate Settlements and Providing Title Abstracts.

And we have in the Senate list of marks, varied descriptions from Lubricating oils to beer to Cigarettes; Cigars; Hand-rolling tobacco; Roll your own tobacco; Rolling tobacco; Smoking tobacco; Tobacco; Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes! Imagine, our representatives smoking their own brand of Senate!

Trademarks and Politics – are they worlds apart? The House says zero Ayes and a hundred Nays…the Bill is passed!

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