Starbucks has a new Star!

Starbucks the mult-million dollar company that made coffee a billion dollar industry (so I may be a little off on the estimate here) recently noted its earnings climb on the NASDAQ to within striking range of the 52-week high at $24.45. The move higher comes on the heels of the company’s better than expected Q1 results from late January.

Starbucks also recently filed for a new mark with U.S. federal trademark registration number 77935439. The logo looks like a twin conjoined stars copied here for our readers to see.


This mark was filed with the description Flavored milk, milk based food beverages, excluding milkshakes, and non-carbonated milk-based soft drinks. I for one, would love to have that coffee poured in a mug of Starbucks.

While we’re making an espresso stop here, lets check back on this mark of Starbucks. It apparently doesnt seem to have much use in commerce yet, or would this mark be making an appearance at Starbucks Coffee London (Triton Square) ? Why there? Well the image does seem like a mix of Geminian Tritons minus their tridents.


Also  keep in mind that not only is Starbucks a multi cultural and progressive corporation, they try and effect social change as well. The Starbucks Corporation of Seattle has made helping children in coffee-farming communities in Guatemala a priority. Starbucks had also entered into a contract with coffee producers in Guatemala to ensure they receive most of what the company pays for their product, instead of a large amount going to export agents.

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