Domino’s the new name in Pizza


Is ‘perfectitude’ really a word? Did or Did not Domino’s have the guts to stand up and say their pizza tastes like cardboard? The answer is Oh yes They did! And how!

Domino’s Pizza is one brave brand. President and CEO Patrick Doyle says in a video, “There comes a time when you know you gotta make a change. You’ve just got to.”

They not just said it they did it, and they backed it up by making sure that their mark was here to stay. Domino’s filed for their slogan OH YES WE DID On Friday, March 5, 2010. U.S. federal trademark registration number 77951539 was assigned to this application filed with description Restaurant services, namely, providing of pizza, other food and beverages for consumption on or off the premises; carry-out restaurant services, and restaurants featuring home delivery.

Domino’s also filed for  DOMINO’S, DOMINO’S PIZZA with the description RESTAURANT SERVICES, NAMELY PROVIDING OF PIZZA, OTHER FOOD AND BEVERAGES FOR CONSUMPTION ON OR OFF THE PREMISES; CARRY-OUT RESTAURANT SERVICES, AND RESTAURANTS FEATURING HOME DELIVERY. You can search for the application with the serial number 77943916 or better still check it out on here.


As Chris Brandon of Dominos Pizza says : “We are continuing to learn more about social media, and have been for the past year and a half – as in many ways, it is still in its infancy as a communications and marketing tool.  Most of all, it gives us an avenue to continue to have open and honest interaction with consumers and Domino’s fans – and that is what we like the most about it.”

As a quick update this is just in :

Domino’s Pizza is claiming a world first by trialing a new ‘Social Affiliate’ tool, a widget that combines social media and affiliate marketing.

The tool enables anyone with a personal web space, such as a social network page or blog, to host advertising from nominated brands.

Also, it seems like Domino’s won’t rest till world dominion. It has opened its 9000th store in New Orleans and New Delhi, where two new stores are opening. Rather than pick one, they got both in the lottery!

Hat’s off to Domino’s for having the courage to be brave. It  works.

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