Top Trademark Lawyers in 2015

The list is in for the top trademark lawyers in 2015.  See which lawyers filed the most trademarks this past year. Conduct a free search to see how your attorney ranks here. 1 JOHN SALCIDO (4,028 marks) 2 MATTHEW H. SWYERS, (1,324 marks) 3 CHRISTOPHER CIVIL (1,080 marks) 4 SHAUNA MALONEY (952 marks) 5 LUKE […]

Top 10 Trademark Filers in 2015

Trademarkia just published the top trademark filers in 2015 with LG Electronics Inc. at #1 with 617 marks filed. See what other companies filed the most trademarks in 2015 below.   1 LG Electronics Inc. (617 marks) 2 Homer TLC, Inc. (443 marks) 3 Novartis AG (380 marks) 4 Disney Enterprises, Inc. (343 marks) 5 Universal City […]

Top Trademark Bullies for 2015

  The list is in for the biggest trademark bullies for 2015 was just published by Trademarkia. First place is Monster Energy Company followed by Duke University and E. & J.Gallo Winery. Monster Energy Company Duke University E. & J. GALLO WINERY Threshold Enterprises L… Columbia Insurance Comp THE NEW SCHOOL Take-Two Interactive So… Under […]

Why You Should Moniter The Pulse of Your Brand Online

You have your trademark registered, website up and you are excited to get noticed.  But before you go viral, you must begin to monitor your brand online and here is why.   SEE ALSO: How To Make a Viral Video for Your Startup    To Increase Brand Engagement Keeping the pulse of your brand online allows […]

Best Startup Logos In 2015

So as it was difficult to choose with so many great startup logo designs out there, we have chosen our favorite startup logos for 2015. See them below and are reasons as to why they won. Who knows,  these brilliant logo designs may inspire your startups new logo design or rebrand.     DoorMint DoorMint’s logo is the Swiss army knife […]

USPTO Site Is Down But Don’t Worry, We Can Still Help You File

The USPTO website is down, what does this mean? By law, all trademark and patent applications must go through the USPTO (United States patent and Trademark Office).  Unfortunately, The USPTO’s online and IT system is temporarily down due to a recent power outage at the USPTO’s headquarters. This means that the USPTO’s online functionalities (including filing trademarks and patents) are currently non […]

Free Tools To Help You Monitor Your Brand Online

If your are serious about your brand, chances are you all ready filed a trademark but now you are in constant wonder as to who is talking about your precious brand online and (better yet) what they are saying. Here are three tools to help your startup moniter the pulse of  your brand’s online presence.   1. Google Alerts A Google search is […]

Top Brands Use The Registered Trademark Emoji A lot!

  Are you a brand that loves Instagram? Well maybe you should start using the registered trademark and trademark emoji on Instagram and maybe all your social media accounts where you mention your protected brand name. A recent study titled, ‘ The 2015 Instagram Industry Report ‘ took a peak at the top 100 brands over […]

The Elements of An Awesome Logo

  Your logo is important as it’s the face of your company so make sure it’s awesome.   Simplicity With a simple logo, customers will not have to squint to recognize your logo and that is a good thing especially if you plan on catching them as they are just passing by. Logos with lots of small text and intricate […]

5 Things To Consider When Registering Your Trademark

So you think you have a great idea for a business name and logo and are ready to file a trademark. Consider the following before you do:   1. Make sure your mark is distinctive To make a “distinctive” mark means that customers will be able to identify clearly that the mark is representing your goods and […]