Determine If Your Startup is Scaleable & Find Out Why It Matters?


  Many entrepreneurs seem to be attracted to the idea of running an ambitious, scaleable startup that sustains exponential growth. This is a flashy concept, but the fact is, that a majority of startups are happy to be a self-sustaining mom and pop. According to the SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration), Over 50% of the […]

10 Web Apps To Help Startups Get Up & Running


Being an entrepreneur is hard work. You have to be able to manage multiple aspects of a business at once. Try out these 10 online tools to help you with 10 startup business essentials.   1. Incorporate Your Business Incorporating your business is a huge step in forming your startup.  With the Incorporation Wizard structure […]

10 Clever Logo Designs | Branding Inspiration

10 Clever Logo Designs | Office Lab

  A clever logo design and name is sometimes easier said than done – especially for the left-brained entrepreneur, founder, or co-founder. So how do you find your brand’s unique flavor? Start your logo design in 3 easy steps It’s imperative that you try to think out of the box and sometimes a bit nutty is good. Ironically, The Nutty […]

33 Words Every Entrepreneur Should Know


    1. Acquisition To take ownership of another business.   2. Angel Investors Individuals who back emerging entrepreneurial ventures.   3. Balance Sheet A snapshot of a company’s financial condition that includes information on the company’s assets, liabilities, and equity.   4. Bootstrap To build a company without the use of outside capital.   […]

Why Startups Should Patent Now, Not Later


The race to file a patent has heated up since March of 2013 when the “First-Inventor-To-File” (FITF) system went into effect. Patents are now granted based on – literally as the title suggests – the first inventor to file rather than the first to simply invent. With inventors rushing to the finish line shortly after a stroke […]

Apple Gets Bitten With The Most Patent Lawsuits in 2013

Apple Bites

This apple of the public eye ( Apple Inc.), received the most patent lawsuits last year according to Lex Machina – a legal-analytics firm in Menlo Park, CA. This low- hanging fruit, with a plethora of technology patents, got the most bites at it, with an astounding 59 lawsuits. After Apple, Amazon trailed behind with […]

The Magical Effects of Branding


Make Them Fall In Love Believe it or not, branding can be the love potion that causes your customers to become love struck. The more sincere, human connections you can make through branding efforts, the more you allow your customers to make this emotional connection.  For example – Chipotle’s video, “The Scarecrow,” helps to make […] vs. trade secret theft case going to trial in federal court


San Francisco, Calif. – (April 25, 2014) –  In a blow to neighborhood social network, Inc. ( and its venture fund Benchmark Capital (, a federal judge has rejected the company and the venture fund’s bid to dismiss a trade secret lawsuit to related to its first launch neighborhood in Menlo Park. The decision, issued […]

Two Large Cracks in Google’s Attempt To Trademark “Glass”


Google had attempted to trademark, “Glass,”  a term related to their head-mounted smart device. Despite Google’s high hopes to take ownership of the word, the USPTO saw the glass as half empty. According to the initial refusal issued by the USPTO to Google, the trademark examiner raised two main concerns. First, that that the word lacked […]

Crowdfunding Tips From Three Experts


Three founders, who have raised over $730K though crowdfunding platforms, gave expert advice to a roomful of entrepreneurs at the LegalForce store in Palo Alto, CA. If you missed out that’s okay because, being the studious entrepreneurs we are, we took notes. Read their advice here: Gtar Stefan Lindsay rocked out on Kickstarter with his […]