The UK May Exit The EU – What This Could Mean For Your EU & UK Intellectual Property

  On June 23rd 2016, the United Kingdom has voted in a referendum in favor of ‘BREXIT’, an exit from the European Union. This could potentially impact your intellectual property rights both across the United Kingdom as well as the European Union. Some of the key points to note are:   Trademarks EU: Trademarks Registered […]

Apple Patent Infringement Case May Lead To A Cease of iPhone Sales in China

Beijing’s Intellectual Property Office recently held that Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus infringe on design patent rights held by Chinese device maker Shenzhen Baili. The reason for the decision was because Apple’s iPhones too closely resemble the Chinese company’s 100C phone, reported Bloomberg News. Apple has appealed the decision to a higher Chinese […]

An App To Easily Vet Your Big Ideas

Have a startup idea that needs vetting? GoDaddy has just launched their app, Flare, where you can test these ideas by easily crowd sourcing feedback. Some media outlets are calling the new app, a kind of  “Tinder for business ideas.” This is a suiting description as users can easily swipe through business ideas to quickly endorse or […]

Fun Read: A Few Random & Interesting Facts About Trademarks

  Have you every randomly wondered  how many trademarks have ever been filed in total? How about who filed trademark one million? Read the facts below to see some interesting numbers that may surprise you! At the very least, you might win the next time you end up with a trivia question in the trademark […]

This Startup Makes It Possible to Sleep Naked Anywhere

With sexy brand messaging stating, “sleep naked anywhere”, this startup is literally heating things up. The startup, Ravean, has developed a sleeping bag liner that heats up and is meant to fit snugly inside a sleeping bag. They claim its washable and reusable so you can enjoy it for more than one steamy night. Also, […]

I Like it Black, Not Blended: An App For A REAL Coffee Lovers

True coffee lovers are a different type of breed. They do not need cream or sugar. They do not need it blended. They do not needed it topped with whip. They like it black so the aroma and flavor is strong and all the subtle notes of coffee are delightfully detectable with even the tiniest […]

What is Intellectual Property Law?

What is it?  Intellectual property law or (IP law for short) is the act of attaining and maintaining your legal rights to your inventions, designs and or artistic works.   What kind of IP is there?  Some types of intellectual property rights include a trademark, patent or copyright. A trademark protects your rights to your […]

New Tech: Umbrella On Your Mind, No Raindrops On Your Head

It is a good day when you remember your umbrella on a rainy day. What many do not prepare for though is loosing an umbrella. This would typically mean defeat and you will be stuck in the rain like a pouty-lipped wet dog – until now.   A recent Kickstarter, Davek Alert Umbrella, offers an umbrella that texts you where it is […]

Facebook Wins Chinese Trademark Case

  International trademark cases appear to get sticky, especially in China. Fortunately, this recent trademark case did not get lost in translation. Chinese beverage company attempted to argue that the Chinese word for their milk-flavored drinks and porridge,  脸书 or “lian shu,”  coincidentally happened to translate to the popular brand name we all know and […]

Pictar Has Developed a Product That Makes Taking a Selfie Effortless

The perfect way to take a selfie is precarious at best. You hold your delicate phone with one hand while you fully extend and raise your arm all while trying to snap a shot at the perfect moment. Pictar has developed a product to solve this precarious problem –  a camera case for iPhones that makes the awkward, uneasy practice of […]