This Startup Promises A Life After Life

Instead of ashes to ashes, a new startup says ashes to life is possible.  Here is how it works: The Bios Incube, as it’s called, is a biodegradable urn where you would mix soil, water and yes – the ashes. You then carefully plant a tree seed of the deceased’s choosing into this mixture. The Bios […]

Adidas Brand Emphasizes Creativity Instead of Strength and Agility

Sports brands will typically allude to their athlete customer’s push buttons to sell a product. They will hit them at the core pointing out that their brand has what all athletes ideally want  – to be faster, stronger and sharper. The typical sports brand commercial will generally highlight relevant features including the sole of the […]

Top 3 Branding Tips For Startups

  Don’t ignore these very important branding tips as following them may save you a migraine (or two). 1.Identify who you are talking to One rule many young startups forget is that you must know who your talking to in order to develop a brand into the amazing communication tool that it has the potential to […]

Subway Introduces Fresh, New Logo

    Subway’s New Logo On Friday, the popular sandwich chain released a minimalistic logo to be the face of the new and improved Subway that promises to meet the “changing tastes of their guests.” An updated logo is a great way to bring on this fresh start. SEE ALSO: Time for a Logo Update? Here […]

What a “Purrfect” Idea: An Easy To Clean Kitty Litter Box

Not an appealing photo I know, but the tossing of this gross mess is such a refreshing feeling that only cat lovers would understand. You want to get rid of this gunk often and as quick as feasibly possible – like right meow! On the contrary to the image above, you would be scooping each […]

Contemporary Eye Care To Fix Tired Eyes From Too Much Screen Time

  The key to a successful startup is being able to present a solution to a common a problem. This startup, Aurai, acknowledges a new-age problem that is right in front of our very eyes – strained eyes from too much screen usage. The startup’s eye-care product is a futuristic-looking, water-propelled, wearable eye massage tool. A […]

The UK May Exit The EU – What This Could Mean For Your EU & UK Intellectual Property

  On June 23rd 2016, the United Kingdom has voted in a referendum in favor of ‘BREXIT’, an exit from the European Union. This could potentially impact your intellectual property rights both across the United Kingdom as well as the European Union. Some of the key points to note are:   Trademarks EU: Trademarks Registered […]

Apple Patent Infringement Case May Lead To A Cease of iPhone Sales in China

Beijing’s Intellectual Property Office recently held that Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus infringe on design patent rights held by Chinese device maker Shenzhen Baili. The reason for the decision was because Apple’s iPhones too closely resemble the Chinese company’s 100C phone, reported Bloomberg News. Apple has appealed the decision to a higher Chinese […]

An App To Easily Vet Your Big Ideas

Have a startup idea that needs vetting? GoDaddy has just launched their app, Flare, where you can test these ideas by easily crowd sourcing feedback. Some media outlets are calling the new app, a kind of  “Tinder for business ideas.” This is a suiting description as users can easily swipe through business ideas to quickly endorse or […]

Fun Read: A Few Random & Interesting Facts About Trademarks

  Have you every randomly wondered  how many trademarks have ever been filed in total? How about who filed trademark one million? Read the facts below to see some interesting numbers that may surprise you! At the very least, you might win the next time you end up with a trivia question in the trademark […]